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Board Members


Sriram Bhimaraju

Founder & CEO

Sriram's passion for the marine environment was sparked in 2019 by his first SCUBA dives in the British Virgin Islands. These dives coupled with lectures from ecologists taught him about the sensitivity of marine ecosystems such as coral reefs. Since then Sriram has worked diligently to learn about chemical pollution and subsequently implement science-based solutions to address these issues. While some solutions are physical, such as sunscreen-removing sea-safe beads, others inspire people to make environmentally-friendly choices using his Personal Care Products Advisor app in the AppStore and a range of media from coloring books to social media posts. In his journey to improve the health of the marine environment, Sriram has worked with kindergartners, marine ecosystem experts, neighbors, and professors. These interactions motivate his continual efforts to ameliorate marine pollution.

Stephan Bitterwolf

Board member

Stephan Bitterwolf is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz studying coral reefs. His research is broad, ranging from examining the impact of reef morphology on shoreline erosion to conducting controlled experiments investigating the effects of local pollutants on coral gene expression, microbes, and symbionts. In his career, Stephan seeks to improve the wellbeing of corals worldwide through research, outreach, and action.


Vijaya Saradhi Chilakamarry

Board member

Vijaya holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from IIT, Mumbai. He worked at various Bay Area Technology firms including Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Currently is a Technology Manager at Wells Fargo managing a team of Software engineers in Digital Channel Technology group. Besides being in software industry, he has passion for contributing to society, be it Indian fine arts, which he pursues passionately, or financial help to various non-profit organizations.

Bhuvanasundar Rachamreddy

Board member

Bhuvan holds MSCS (Masters of Science in Computer Science) from University of Texas at El Paso, Texas, USA and MMS (Master of Management Studies) from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India. His career as a Software Development Professional in several prestigious Silicon Valley organizations spans over 18 years. He has significant experience in leading and nurturing overseas teams.

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